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About the club

Senshuken Judo Academy is affiliated to the British Judo Association (BJA) the National Governing Body for judo in the UK and our BJA affiliation number is 11666.  Our two award winning coaches, Caz and Eddie are very experienced and successful judoka (judo players) themselves.  Both are trained to UKCC Level 2 in Coaching Judo, are first aid trained and fully DBS checked.

The emphasis behind our coaching is on learning through enjoyment.  Children especially, learn more when they are enjoying themselves.

We allow three weeks for new members to decide if they wish to continue with judo lessons and after this time they will need to apply for their club membership.  The annual £15 fee includes your club membership card, and can save you up to £27 per year on weekly lesson fees.

What is judo?

Judo was developed in Japan by Dr Jigoro Kano over 140 years ago and is the world’s most popular combat sport.  Since its inclusion in the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games Judo has continued to grow and spread across the world and is now a truly global sport, practiced by over 50 million people in more than 200 countries.  In Britain there are over 1,000 judo clubs and nearly 40,000 judo players doing judo in schools and clubs each week.


Judo training is an ideal form of physical exercise and it serves as a great cardiovascular workout, which improves stamina, strength, suppleness, speed and overall fitness levels as well as confidence.  Judo is the ideal activity whatever your shape and size, and whether you are young or old.

​​International links


Our coaches have links with judo clubs in France and Holland and there will be opportunities for club members to take part in trips to France and Holland for training and competition if they wish.



Judo has a Grading system which allows participants to progress through the coloured belt and sleeve badge system and be awarded their next belt and grade. 


The next goal is always realistic and achievable with effort and Grading’s take place within the club on three special Grading evenings with the club’s own Coaches assessing each candidate for promotion through the Grading system.  Currently gradings cost just £5.00 and include any badges, certificates or new belts awarded.​


​Judo is for all ages and abilities

You can start judo at Senshuken Judo Academy from the age of 5 and upwards, although at the Coaches discretion we will consider 4 year olds depending on each individual child.

We aim to create a supportive environment where children and adults of all ages and abilities can train and develop together.  There is always a lot going on within the local judo community, whether you are interested in competing in championships, keeping fit or just attending and training with us for the social side of sport, we are sure there will be something for you.


What do I need to get started?

The only equipment you need to take part in judo is a judo suit (judogi). A judo jacket and a belt can be borrowed for your first few weeks and then purchased at discounted rates through the club if you then decide to join.

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