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Tired of running on the same old treadmill, attending gym classes with the same old routines?  Looking for something totally different to ignite your imagination and give you a new fitness challenge?

Adult judo

If that's you, then why not give martial arts a go with judo at Senshuken Judo Academy?  Our classes will introduce you to a different way of training, will take your fitness to a new level, and will give you something new and interesting to think about and stimulate your mind as well as your body.  At Senshuken we aim to create a supportive environment where adults of all abilities can come together to train, learn and enjoy their judo whatever their age, ability and fitness levels.  Judo, classes are fun, empowering, and provide a great workout for adults.  Whether you want to gain some additional confidence in defending yourself, lose a bit of weight, or just have fun whilst exercising, our adult judo classes have something to offer.

Does being a Black Belt in judo sound like a great goal to have?

Have you always thought that would be something outside of your ability?


Think again.  With regular training and our guiding hand this could be a goal we can help you achieve.

Every journey towards Black Belt starts with a first step onto the mat
Judo has a structured grading system which leads judo players through a process of improving and learning and by following the grading requirements of the British Judo Association (BJA), it means that students always have another goal to aim towards.  Judo's detailed Grading Syllabus and system ensures your next goal is always clear and our Coaches will help everyone work towards their goals. 

By following the syllabus of the British Judo Association it means all our Grades will be real grades.  How many times have you heard of or maybe even seen for yourself, small children with Black Belts or local martial arts schools who grade their own students within their own group with no national recognition.  At 
Senshuken Judo Academy, our Gradings follow the guidance of the BJA, which means that you will obtain a Grade that is recognised and accepted literally worldwide.

Our Coaches will monitor your progress and ensure you are shown and taught all of the techniques you need for each grade at the right time and in a timescale that suits your own ability and speed of learning.

In this way, with some hard work and regular practice, you too could one day be calling yourself a Black Belt in judo, and more importantly a Black Belt grade recognised worldwide.

Join us today

We aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment where every class member is valued and encouraged and fully supported to reach their own full potential within judo.


Email us today and book your FREE First Lesson and start your new fitness journey, your own judo journey, a journey which may one day lead to you being able to step onto the mat wearing the coveted Black Belt yourself.

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