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What could training in martial arts at  Senshuken Judo Academy do for my child?

Do you have an energetic youngster needing to burn off some of that excess energy, or channel it into something positive and rewarding?

Regular training in the martial arts is proven to help;






Children who learn martial arts quickly learn to control their movements, developing better balance and coordination.  Judo requires them to work well with a range of different partners and, as they develop their throwing skills, they also learn to work as a team, supporting their partner and other class members.



Our classes, whilst being a lot of fun, also require children to concentrate on what is being shown so they can then practice the techniques safely with a partner.  This need to concentrate and really focus at certain times of each class is a skill that they will develop and then benefit from both at home and in the school classroom. 



Judo is unique in that it has its own Moral Code, with RESPECT being one of the 8 elements of the Code.  Children must demonstrate respect for their partner and the teachers during the classes.  Just like in life, we cant always be a winner and judo teaches children this is a safe and supportive environment.  It also teaches them RESILIENCE by simply having to get back up and carry on during their free practice with partners.  Even during any games we play as part of a class cool-down, there may be winners and losers.  Through judo children learn to show respect to their partner, their classmates and their teachers and in competition, they learn to show respect to the Referee and to take the Referee's decision as final, which is so often not the case with many more popular sports.


Our classes provide all children with a range of exercises and 'games' that will stimulate their imaginations and improve their overall fitness levels in many more ways than some traditional sports and activities.  A judo class helps to build a child's strength, stamina, suppleness, speed and of course their skills in judo.

We use a range of activities, many partner based, to enhance their core strength and to build their judo skills.  The very nature of the judo throws, where one child needs to lift another up, all adds to the fitness gains they will get from regular practice in judo.


Regular training in martial arts has long been known to help develop a child's confidence.  Our judo classes enable children to develop a new range of skills and techniques that will show them how much they can achieve with some hard work and effort.  Judo's detailed coloured belt Grading System means that they can see for themselves how far they are progressing as they move up through the belt system, helping them develop their confidence as they see physical evidence of their improvement through the change in colour of the belt they wear.  Judo, through its individual nature, can also give a great confidence boost to children who sometimes struggle in more popular team sports and activities. 

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