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Private Lessons


Our award winning and successful UKCC Level 2 Coaches can provide personal 1-2-1 lessons.

These lessons are booked in blocks of 5 sessions so that we can ensure progression and understanding and can take place in Sittingbourne or Walderslade.

We can accommodate 2 judoka on every available time slot, but even if the time slot is being shared you will still receive 1-2-1 coaching. 

These are short, focussed sessions (20 minutes for juniors and 30 minutes for seniors) and can be great if you feel you need some extra help with;

  • An upcoming Grading

  • An upcoming tournament

  • Improving a certain technique

  • Gaining a better general understanding of judo

  • Learning a new technique

  • Improving specific competition skills

  • Developing your gripping skills

  • Any other aspect of your judo


For more information on availability and prices, or to book a block of 1-2-1 lessons, just speak to Caz or Eddie or email us.


Judo Parties

If you want a party with a difference, which is fun and action packed, then have a judo party.  We will run parties with judo related games and fun, with enough action to keep even the most energetic children happy and entertained.  Judo parties are a great option for energetic youngsters and a fun and safe way to experience the sport of judo. 

We have approved venues which are ideal for judo parties but please speak to us beforhand if you have another venue in mind, so we can check its suitability.

It is not essential for the children to know any judo, just that they enjoy playing active games and having fun.  If all the children involved are familiar with judo, then we can easily adjust the activities to suit the requirements of those taking part.  We can cater for groups of 10 - 30, but if your requirement is above this please speak to Caz or Eddie first or email us for more information and a quote.  We provide all the judo equipment needed, including the mats, judo jackets and belts for the children to wear for the party and various equipment to play the games.  All they need to wear is some loose fitting jogging bottom type trousers and a loose fitting tee shirt, and all you need to do is arrange the party food and drinks if required.

Judo Parties are a minimum of 60 minutes, but we can cater for whatever length of time you require and will consist of:

  • Judo related fun and games

  • Learning how to fall safely

  • Learning how to do a judo throw

  • Learning how to do a judo hold and pin your partner down

  • Attendance certificate for each child

  • Judo trophy for the birthday boy/girl

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